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Blue Care

Responsibility has a name

It's easy to simply state that we take our corporate social responsibility seriously through Blue Care. It's more important to act this way. And we do. You will experience it in our three pillars:

Let's care together

We are and feel responsible for more than our business. With a strong belief in solidarity. Yes, we think green, but that is not enough.

That's why we are always looking for concrete actions, like supporting local projects.

Let's do it, is the idea.

Charity: why?

Togetherness is essential for creating a better future. We support safety and mobility while keeping a strong focus on people. 

Our actions:

Spieren voor Spieren

Business Lease is a socially minded company whose mission ‘Same Cars, Better Care’ means more than setting out the practical aspects of mobility for our customers and providing the best possible service and quality. Care goes a step further. The environment in which we live, the people who make up the community, our employees, our customers and our suppliers are an essential part of our operational management. Business Lease views Corporate Social Responsibility not only as a duty, but as a matter of course.

It therefore goes without saying that Business Lease The Netherlands commits itself to agood cause, namely the Stichting Spieren voor Spieren (Muscles for Muscles Foundation)This foundation is keenly dedicated to providing a better future to children suffering from neuromuscular disease – approximately 20,000 children in the Netherlands. Muscles for Muscles calls upon people with healthy muscles todo something for children with a neuromuscular disorder.

For more on the Muscles for Muscles Foundation and how you can contribute, go to

Mobility partner for Easter donation

Business Lease Romania employees show their Care and solidarity with the children in need from Glodeanu Silistea by organizing a donation of clothes, toys and school items around Easter time. Business Lease Romania acted as mobility partner and took care of the transportation of all items because Care is our core business and we want to engage in social responsibility where our business touches society.



Car donation for Heim Pál Children Hospital

“This project is a great example of our Care which is our Core business”. We take care of our customers, drivers and also for the society in which we do business. Just providing a car to the hospital is not our style, we want to be sure the car remains reliable and representative. That’s why we offered our product full of CARE to the organization that cares of the children.”

This project is a great example of our Care which is our Core business

Mobility partner of Miss Colours International Wheelchair Beauty contest 2014

The goal of the competition is to show that the beauty, success and womanliness have high priority among women in wheelchair, too.

 Business Lease Hungary is the Mobility partner of Miss Colours International Wheelchair Beauty contest 2014

„Our company provides Care in mobility for our customers and drivers. Care is our Core business and this is why we participate in Social Responsibility where our business touches society. Both Care and Mobility are strongly connected in this event and from our Social Responsibility we would like to help as car accidents can lead to disability.”