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Blue Care

Responsibility has a name

It's easy to simply state that we take our corporate social responsibility seriously through Blue Care. It's more important to act this way. And we do. You will experience it in our three pillars:

Total Costs of Mobility

We always focus on all direct and indirect costs to help you manage your overall costs of mobility. You will get a very transparent and clear insight into these costs, at both the corporate and driver level, and every level in between.We take all cost elements in consideration, even the emission of CO2 and its consequences on the total costs. This knowledge - and our consultancy -  is the basis for reducing your total expenditure. Subsequently we translate your individual situation into concrete advice and actions.

Blue Care Monitor Fleet Manager

As partners, your needs and wishes are leading for us. We always look for less hassle and more savings for you. The Blue Care Monitor, part of our Blue Care philosophy, provides you online with advices and ideas how to gain savings and have a more sustainable fleet. It gives you a direct overview of your fleet status, per specific topic:

Our actions:

The correct tyre pressure

On Sustainability Day, Business Lease Nederland, Ridderkerk-based greengrocery Van Oers United and Stichting Band op Spanning (Correct Tyre Pressure Foundation) joined forces to install a special tyre pump at the Verenambacht industrial estate. The tyre pump is the first of its kind in the Rijnmond region and provides drivers with an easy way to keep their tyres inflated to the correct pressure. Correct tyre pressure saves nearly 37 litres of fuel per vehicle per year. If all vehicles at the Verenambacht industrial estate were to use the pump, they would realise a benefit of at least 80,000 euros each year.

The tyre pump operates entirely on solar energy and helps users maintain proper tyre pressure. Immediately after use, the pump displays the number of litres of fuel saved, the amount of reduced CO2 emissions, the number of kilometres the tyres will now last, and how many euros saved in total, making users more aware of the importance of correct tyre pressure - proof positive that car leasing and sustainability go hand in hand.

Defensive Driving Training

As an example of Blue Care philosophy we offer our clients and their drivers Defensive Driving Training. If there are drivers at your company who have frequent insurance damages, excessive fuel consumption or they present high costs for your company comparing to other drivers, such training can built their awareness. By proper defensive driving training, we will teach them in theory and in practice how to be friendly to the environment while cutting your company costs at the same time.