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We keep you moving

Your mobility is our concern. That is why you can count on us:  always, everywhere and on every one of our employees. Experience our care and service, with lots of benefits for you:

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Service solutions

You need the right tools at the right time. Here they are, specified per country. Just click on the country and you have direct access to all the information you need

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Your satisfaction

We ask drivers proactively to value our services. It helps us to improve our services

Last month we excelented in:

  • Helpfullness of our employees
  • Ease of use of steps
  • Ease of contact by telephone

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Tax regulations

Yes, taxes exist and differ per country.
Don’t worry, our local
consultants will guide you through all the necessary issues. You will always be up to date.
Besides that, on our local websites you will have the latest insights and knowledge:

Business Lease Czech Republic
Business Lease Hungary
Business Lease Polen
Business Lease Romania

Business Lease Slovakia
Business Lease The Netherlands

Responsiblitiy has a name: Blue Care

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We deliver care. For real corporate social and sustainable responsibility we look beyond our daily business. Blue Care is our promise to behave responsibly, in every way. Blue Care is our philosophy, not a product.


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