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It's all about partnership

Care is our core

We think in terms of people, in terms of international partnership.
Together we look for solutions to reach your mobility goals.
Customer made solutions, even per country.
Together we develop the best fleet strategy to get there, in line with your company objectives.


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We are nearby

Think global, act local.

A personal, warm contact is vital in our way of working together. Even when your company is established in several countries. 

We care everywhere.

That's why we are always nearby. 

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Sustainable leasing, cost saving

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You want your fleet to be environmentally friendly and your company wants to act in line with sustainable principles. So do we. Blue Care is our name for CSR. And of course we think and act green, in every way. The great news is that sustainable leasing can also be cost saving for you, amongst others by our Blue Care monitor. 


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Tax regulations

Yes, taxes exist and the subject can be rather complex. You will always be informed by us, as experts in this field. Via personal advice and detailed reports you will have the latest insights and knowledge. Besides that, on our local websites you will have the latest insights and knowledge:

Business Lease Czech Republic
Business Lease Hungary
Business Lease Poland
Business Lease Slovakia
Business Lease The Netherlands

Are you curious what we can do for you? Do not hesitate anymore. We invite you to fill in the contact form. We will contact you immediately. Your Better Care- experience starts here! Contact me