Dutch benchmark report about mobility solutions!

Taxis in Dubai are drones and smart refrigerators give signals when we are out of eggs or cheese. We live in a fast moving, digital world in which technology constantly opens new doors. That is also the case within the automotive sector: Tesla is not only a car manufacturer but also an energy supplier and the first pilot with autonomous cars on a Dutch motorway is a fact. We acknowledge that mobility is changing, but what about our B2B customers?

To find out Business Lease The Netherlands set up a benchmark asking various B2B companies if they embrace smart mobility and sustainability and acknowledge the need to change. Result: they do! But they do find it difficult to make the change. A great sales opportunity for us! We created a report for prospects and customers so we can easily visit our clients and talk about…mobility. Because the future starts now!

Development numbers of registrations of BEV & PHEV cars in the past 5 years: