Business Lease Slovakia celebrates its 20th anniversary entering the new era of mobility

The year 2018 is a breakthrough for Business Lease Slovakia. Twenty years ago, Business Lease was the first leasing company, who brought operational leasing into Slovakia. Today, Business Lease is again the first company in Slovakia, with a vision and plan for the future to be the best partner for all our target groups also for next 20 years.

Business Lease has in Slovakia has a client portfolio of approximately 500 clients and manages 5,200 vehicles in total. Clients satisfaction is the greatest success for the company. Over 50 companies are already client with Business Lease Slovakia for more than 10 years.

Our new way and future plan is to make a change from a traditional leasing company to a provider of comprehensive mobility services.

This ‘mobility revolution’ started when Business Lease Slovakia celebrated its 20th birthday. On 31 May, the anniversary day, we organized the press conference, where we discussed our future plans as a mobility provider with many journalists. Stijn Otten, Head of Innovation Lab at Business Lease Group, presented new revolutionary plans that will be integrated into a mobility card providing the possibility for clients to use different forms of transport to fit their specific needs. This press conference reached a media value of approximately € 18,000.

Business Lease Slovakia prepared a big event, where we celebrated our anniversary together with about 200 of our business partners. For this birthday party we have produced two videos. In these videos we asked our business partners about their memories about the cooperation with Business Lease Slovakia and what they like to wish us. We were successful to get in touch with the really first managing director of Business Lease, Mrs. Alžbeta Rigáňová. You can see Mrs. Rigáňová also in our videos. (inserted below)

Video 1 – Memories of our business partners about cooperation with Business Lease Slovakia

Video 2 – Birthday wishes from our business partners to us

During the party, Managing Director of Business Lease Slovakia, Mrs. Lucia Čišková, held a speech where she explained how important it is to be adaptable. Preferences, requirements and needs of our customers are changing. She finished her speech with a statement of the famous scientist Charles Darwin, who said:

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

And a new era of mobility in Slovakia can commence…