Carbon-made plate saves upto 20% fuel

“The AeroPlate is a carbon-made plate and can save up to 20% fuel because of aerodynamic efficiency”

Corellian, an Automotive startup founded by two alumni of the University of Eindhoven. Their goal is to drastically reduce the negative consequences of the automobiles on the environment, by ‘greenify’ existing vehicles. In order to reach that goal, they invented the AeroPlate.

The AeroPlate is a carbon-made plate intended for the bottom of a car. If a car is installed with an AeroPlate, a driver can save up to 20% fuel because of aerodynamic efficiency. The plate is easy to attach and detach and will probably work best when driving above a speed of approximately 80 km p/h and when driving more than 30.000 km p/year.

Business Lease started a pilot to test the potential savings of the AeroPlate. Within one month, clients will have the chance to drive their car installed with an AeroPlate (for free!). Relevant fuel data will be collected through clients questionnaires.

The AeroPlate is initially designed for the VW Polo platform, which, for example, also includes the Skoda Fabia. Please see the table below for a quick look on the potential savings based on different efficiency rates of the AeroPlate:

Product timeline:

Q1: Testing and validating assumptions
Q2: Launch

Business Lease is continuously looking for solutions and ways to optimize the fleet for their clients. The AeroPlate has the potential to be one of those solutions. In order to validate the potential savings listed in the table, product pilots in collaboration with clients are needed. In case the AeroPlate turns out to be sustainable and favorable, Business Lease will be ready to launch it as a new and unique product of her portfolio in her countries!

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