Business Lease Czech Republic is getting ready for the Car Sharing future

Business Lease CZ realizes that it is necessary to get ready for the future of mobility as early as now. The simplest solution is to make use of the existing resources and advance them to the next level by means of modern online tools.

In cooperation with Xmarton ( we prepared a car sharing product based on safety, simplicity and mobile application environment for IOs and Android. This project is being coordinated with initiatives from both AutoBinck CZ initiatives and the Business Lease Innovation Lab.

Technical solution

A Controller Area Network (CAN bus) is a robust vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other in applications without a host computer. It is a message-based protocol, designed originally for multiplex electrical wiring within automobiles to save on copper, but is also used in many other contexts.

The system is connected to the vehicle CAN-bus so it receives data directly from it. The unit also contains a gyroscopic sensor, GPS module and other sensors. Therefore, it is ready for extension of services to include e.g. monitoring of the driving style of the driver. It is a unique Czech product which has successfully complied with all the certifications and requirements for official approval. The service uniqueness consists in the absence of use of vehicle keys. The vehicle is reserved, unlocked and locked through the mobile application.


We cooperate with selected clients in the development of functionalities to comprehensively cover clients’ needs. The objective is to have a solution that, in a basic version, will provide an electronic driving log book, and a more advanced version of which will be able to carry out the management of pool vehicles, including a reservation form and approval process. In this development we cooperate with Ahold and Siemens.


A long-term testing of the technical solution has been underway in a closed group of employees and selected clients who expressed their interest. Those clients are Btech (Akka Group) and Eyelevel.

Resulting product

We plan to launch the car sharing product for business use, in the course of autumn 2018. There will be two levels available.

  • Company pool vehicles management solution; to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.
  • The second variant will be a solution for Business Centers where the vehicle will be shared by a closed group of companies; to replace pool vehicles of clients.

We will use the second solution for the acquisition of new clients, in particular. We have already been negotiating with a leading developer, HB Reavis, to optimize the solution specifically for these purposes.

In case of any further questions please contact Richard Pivrnec