Business Lease Poland “Long-term relations pay off”

Do you ever wonder if there is any sense in keeping in contact with a prospect, who constantly states that Full Operational Lease is not for his company? We can provide you with the answer; – YES.

Kruk S.A. –  our long-time prospect, finally, after series of meetings, negotiations, consultancy – decided to sign a Master Hire Agreement and ordered 54 cars with us. The client’s total fleet is about 500, so we’re also counting on big orders next year. It wasn’t easy, because companies with such a big fleet potential have their own fleet department, pending agreements with repair shops and insurers. It was also Kruk’s first contact with Full Operational Lease, so the amount of questions and doubts were significant. Nevertheless, our team in cooperation with other Business Lease Poland departments managed to answer all questions, eliminate most doubts, and provide them with every expertise they needed.

We’ve started the process in 2016 with a series of meetings, calculations and getting to know each other. We knew that we should prepare for the long-run, therefore an important part was to manage our mutual expectations. We did our best to convince Kruk S.A. that standard the Full Operational Lease product is the best mobility solution for them. Firstly, we received an inquiry with a Service Level Agreement, which would cover all risks in every contract, and our role was to explain to the prospect, why it’s not optimal to include all possibilities, if history shows us, that some of listed risks happen only once in a year or even less. Kruk S.A. representatives appreciated our consulting approach, in which we showed that we care about their costs and their predictability in budget planning. To understand each other better, we used paraphrases or going through specific cases. We were also focused on gathering knowledge about true motives behind their questions, doubts and why Kruk experiences challenges in mobility management.

Some may say that winning a tender and servicing a client afterwards are two different things. Not for us. We kept our level of commitment, accessibility and communication channel open. That approach led us to a possible partnering cooperation with Kruk S.A., and helped us with dealing with the challenges and keeping good relations.

Kruk S.A. is an international debt collection company, which is also present in Business Lease countries, such as Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. We already asked our partners from Kruk S.A. to provide us with contacts of decision makers, to help our colleagues from the listed countries with tightening relationships, and hopefully signing a Master Hire Agreement as well.

We can now proudly state that patience, keeping your heads up, and doing what you are best in, pays off.

Well done to the Business Lease Poland – the Wrocław Team !