Business Lease Slovakia crossed 5000 fleet size

Thanks to fantastic work of all our colleagues and managers our fleet in April reached 5213 cars.

The second quarter of a year (Q2) is always a really strong one, in terms of commercial goals. With lots of challenges regarding the dynamic environment in which we operate. In the areas of :

  • client´s preferences (diesel cars vs. petrol /electric /hybrid cars)
  • new law obligations (GDPR – driver´s information and communication towards them)
  • changing partner´s conditions (increase of the insurance taxes, Skoda Fabia Combi Diesel closed production)
  • new local /international tenders
  • environment policy both on local and EU level (e.g. Bratislava started lately brand new bike sharing project together with one of our biggest client Slovnaft)

We are keen on presenting Business Lease Slovakia as the partner who understands its clients’ expectations and requirements and brings the best solution with the most reliable service and support. Our team actively presents our innovative strategy. Our client and prospect meetings are about the future of mobility. With them, we talk about their ideas of mobility – for the managers, for the employees and the situation they are in. For example: the company SwissRe, with more than 1400 employees in their Bratislava office, where having a serious parking problem. This to them was a far more important topic to discuss than offering the benefit of having a company car. This information lead us to a discussing about a possible car sharing platform. Another very good example is; companies that have a focus on project management would perhaps benefit from a short term rental product as a solution for their mobility problem (like Svet Zdravia, Penta Investments).

Consultancy pays off

With the client Allianz it was different. Allianz is a standard insurance company who was totally inexperienced in the field of operational lease, fleet management and additional services. We needed to explain everything and went patiently in the meetings, asked concrete open questions, did lots of consultative work, showed good examples on the market, cost saving moments and step by step we identified the areas we need to cover for them. We started with 20 orders for operational lease but did not give up.

By deeper analysis we identified we could do much more for this client. We presented our ideas to the client and did eminent consulting and the result soon came up. Allianz confirmed their decision to apply an extensive cooperation with Business Lease Slovakia. This decision led up to a 220 car fleet management launch in the mid of April and crossing the 5000- fleet size of Business Lease Slovakia.

Great success for the whole team! And it looks as if this was just the beginning. Allianz announced new orders and confirms trust towards us and our services.