CarMobility 2.0 convention in Hungary

Business Lease Hungary started the event period in 2018 with a great conference, where the company was invited. The organizer is Hungary’s leading economical magazine, the Figyelő and the main topic was the future of transportation and what implications it will have on economics, business and the world of science: the theme was CarMobility 2.0.

On this unique and innovative event only decision makers were invited from Small and Medium Enterprise companies which is always a great networking opportunity. Business Lease was represented by Stijn Otten, the Innovation Director of the Business Lease Group and the Hungarian Commercial team. Stijn took the opportunity to give a presentation about the self-driving cars which was a very attractive and impressive one. To make this event more attractive, Business Lease exhibited two Tesla Model X and S, as these models are innovative and unique. This event was a great start of the year to build relationship and boost the network for the future.