Comment on last newsletter (rectification)

In last newsletter (May 2018) two articles where published, both about car sharing. This could come across as two initiatives living on their own. Actually, to provide some clarity; this is not the case. Both concepts (one from the Business Lease Innovation Lab and the other one from Business Lease Czech Republic) were initiated with the same purpose in mind: Offering one scalable car sharing proposition to our customers in all Business Lease countries. To speed things up we started these two initiatives: each with a different technology and approach. On June 25th both products were compared on technology as well as proposition. Due to the different approach on both aspects and the fact that we want to learn more about the viability of both products we have decided to keep them both running for now. On a monthly basis we will check-in on both products and once they are more mature we will discuss further alignment of the car sharing portfolio.