Meeting room - EN

   Operation of video conferencing Yealink device


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1. Turn on TV by remote control

2. On TV choose input HDMI 2 (button INPUT on
remote control -> HDMI 2)


3. There are 2 options how to connect to meeting:

a. Planned meeting –press button Join on
touchscreen control panel

b. Unplanned meeting – press button New
Meeting on touchscreen control panel
and on next page invite persons which
you would like add to meeting

4. During meeting you can use touchscreen control
panel to:

A. Turn on/off camera
B. Turn on/off microphones
C. Turn on/off screen sharing
D. More options (camera control)
E. Raise your hand
F. Volume control
G. End meeting

5. For camera control you can use:

a. Remote control

b. Touchscreen control panel – during
meeting choose button More options
(3 dots) and then Room Control

On the screen that appears you can
control camera manually or select one
of the prepared preset

To turn on/off automatic camera
control (Auto-framing) press gear
wheel in the upper right part of the
screen and turn on/off this option

6. For screen sharing during meeting you can use
USB-C/HDMI cable placed on the table