New car delivery timing postponed due to COVID-19

Current situation affects numerous countries and economic areas. The auto industry has been hit hard by the collapse in production of Asian suppliers. Car factories and car dealers across Europe are closing their doors for the time being. The registration offices have shortened working hours or have closed altogether.

Given this information, the timing of new car delivery is difficult to forecast. That is why we continuously work to offer our customer a suitable solution:

Expiring lease contracts:
We offer our customers with an expiring lease contract the opportunity to continue using their current car. Contact your account manager to discuss your options.

Rental car offer:
For our customers who want to trade in the current car, we can offer a car from the Business Lease Rent fleet.

For more information, please contact your account manager. We are happy to offer you a suitable solution.

Thank you for your cooperation. We believe by working together we can manage the current situation.

Your Business Lease.