CarMobility 2.0 convention in Hungary

Business Lease Hungary started the event period in 2018 with a great conference, where the company was invited. The organizer is Hungary’s leading economical magazine, the Figyelő and the main topic was the future of transportation and what implications it will have on economics, business and the world of science: the theme was CarMobility 2.0.

On this unique and innovative event only decision makers were invited from Small and Medium Enterprise companies which is always a great networking opportunity. Business Lease was represented by Stijn Otten, the Innovation Director of the Business Lease Group and the Hungarian Commercial team. Stijn took the opportunity to give a presentation about the self-driving cars which was a very attractive and impressive one. To make this event more attractive, Business Lease exhibited two Tesla Model X and S, as these models are innovative and unique. This event was a great start of the year to build relationship and boost the network for the future.

Charity event in Slovakia powered by Business Lease

Bratislava, 28 January 2018. A wonderful beneficial and cultural event named “Hug through Tones” took place and was organized with the help and support of Business Lease Slovakia.

This event was created for mentally and physically handicapped children from the Institutions and Facilities of the Homes for Social Services for the Disabled from Western and Central Slovakia.

Business Lease Slovakia put a smile on the faces of many disabled children and was very happy that it could help shape the community this way. The event was attended by more than 900 disabled people of 37 homes from 4 regions within Slovakia. Also along came some of their companions and the event was also visited by 224 additional visitors.


Business Lease goes agile

Agile working is about bringing people, processes, connectivity and technology, time and place together to find the most appropriate and effective way of working to carry out a particular task. It is working within guidelines (of the task) but without boundaries (of how you achieve it).

An Agile Organization is one that can quickly respond to changes. The ‘agile organization’ focuses on the customer. A highly agile organization reacts successfully to emerging new competitors, rapid advancements in technology and sudden shifts in overall market conditions.

Hand-out about Agile working and the 4 principles

There are 4 important values of an agile working organization:

  1. Individuals and Interactions Over Processes and Tools
  2. Working Solutions Over Comprehensive Documentation
  3. Customer Collaboration Over Contract Negotiation
  4. Responding to Change Over Following a Plan

In this hand-out about the 4 principles, you can read more about it.

Business Lease is starting with implementing Agile working within the team in The Netherlands and B2B team in Central Europe. Also, the Leadership Team is trained to learn more about it.

If you want to learn more about Agile and how other companies already work that way, you can watch this video of the company Spotify.