New Managing Director and Commercial Director at Business Lease The Netherlands

We are pleased to inform you that Mas van Steenis and Joost Dekkers will be joining Business Lease The Netherlands. Mas starts on June 1st as Managing Director and Joost as Commercial Director a.i. on May 1st.

Mas van Steenis (1972) has been active in the leasing business throughout his career. He has held various operational and management positions with Volkswagen Pon Financial Services over the years. Van Steenis specializes in the lease market with a focus on growth, change, people management.

Joost Dekkers (1977) has also earned his spurs in the leasing sector with, among others, Alphabet The Netherlands. He has extensive sales management experience within the SME segment and the large business market.

Business Lease Slovakia new leadership

Lucia Čišková has been appointed as the new Managing Director of Business Lease Slovakia. Up until now, she has served as Commercial Director. Lucia Čišková replaces Vincent van der Meijden, who will become new Director of Operations for Business Lease for Central and Eastern Europe.

On January 1, 2018, Lucia Čišková becomes new Managing Director of Business Lease Slovakia. Up until now, she has served as the company’s Commercial Director. Lucia Čišková will replace Vincent van der Meijden, who will act as new Director of Operations of the Business Lease Group for Central and Eastern Europe. “Business Lease was the first company in Slovakia that started to provide operational lease services. Next year, Business Lease Slovakia will celebrate its 20th birthday and enter a new decade of operations. I am extremely happy that I have been given the opportunity to lead the Slovak team as Managing Director at this particular time. In our industry, we are entering a very interesting period with many changes,” commented Lucia Čišková. The company is the provider of comprehensive mobility and by size of vehicle fleet it ranks among the top three providers of operational lease in Slovakia.

Trust in the Slovaks

After more than a decade, Lucia Čišková is not only the first Slovak in this position, but also the first woman. “My main task in this new position will be supporting the development of the company on its road to becoming a provider of comprehensive mobility service for our clients and implementing innovation in the form of new products and services,” she explained. Another priority that she mentioned will be to support the development of business opportunities among the ranks of current and potential clients, as well as to continue developing an excellent corporate culture. “Business Lease is a company that takes care of the development of its employees. I personally very much appreciate that the company has enabled me to develop my career, providing me with the opportunity to continue my studies and combine the role of mother with the role of Commercial Director,” she says.

In the role of Commercial Director, she contributed to the growth of the client portfolio and the total amount of the vehicle fleet, which has increased over the last four years by 60%. Since 2015, she has also been actively involved in the field of electromobility development in Slovakia, and thanks to know-how from the Dutch parent company and cooperation with local partners, Business Lease Slovakia has been able to introduce the electromobility product in Slovak companies. Last year, she was actively involved in another of the company’s innovative products, private lease.

The company has long emphasized the importance of ensuring full mobility and care for its clients. “I am glad that we have many satisfied clients willing to recommend our company to others. The philosophy of care is close to my heart, and I believe that success in business particularly depends on a personal approach and the ability to put oneself in the client’s shoes. Always looking at matters from their perspective,” she explains.

Digitization and innovation

Current Managing Director Vincent van der Meijden will assume the position of Director of Operations of Business Lease for Central and Eastern Europe. He believes that his role will be to use synergies, make the company more cost-effective and further deepen Business Lease’s focus on the client. “In this context, digitization, innovation and benefits will play a very important role in implementing the changes that we will be adopting in the coming years, which will strengthen the position of Business Lease on the market for mobility and customer service solutions,” he added.

He has held the position of Managing Director of Business Lease Slovakia for the last eighteen months. “In the short time that I led Business Lease Slovakia, we have made significant steps towards our fleet growth and we have improved our market position. At the same time, we were able to significantly increase the efficiency of the organization. We have developed new products that will be launched in 2018 and will contribute to a positive development of Business Lease in Slovakia,” he explained. He welcomes the appointment of Lucia Čišková as Managing Director. “It was a natural choice,” he stated, referring to her achievements during the last four years in the position of Commercial Director.