How great service can supercharge your fleet

Focusing too narrowly on price leaves fleets at risk of losing out on the expert advice and value-added services that can save substantially more money in the long term. Here at Business Lease, we are committed to delivering leasing as a service, not a commodity. By pursuing a genuine partnership approach, we can create and deliver non-standard solutions to meet the individual needs of all of our customers.

We fully appreciate that price is important, but it should not be the only criteria used when you select a supplier. As a smaller international leasing company, we’re dedicated to being account managers not accountancy managers, and we’re proud of the Care and services we offer our clients, regardless of how many vehicles you have and where you operate them. Time invested in understanding your needs is time well spent.

E-Mobility QuickScan

Included in our services is our E-Mobility QuickScan. This tool for example, designs a roadmap for fleets to transition to electric vehicles, identifying the vehicles that can switch seamlessly to battery power, the charging infrastructure required, and helping you to rewrite your car policy to take into account the different issues involved in running EVs.

This personalized approach extends to our Driver Desk, where you and your drivers can call with questions and enquiries, including advice on choosing the right vehicle. We apply a similar customer-centric philosophy to commissioning service, maintenance and repair work, with our Call Centre experts discussing with the driver the work required and the most convenient time for this to be done, before booking an appointment with a garage. Working this way means we can not only direct the driver to our approved garage network, where we can guarantee the quality of the work, but also find a convenient time when the driver will not need a replacement vehicle, saving you money.

17 Customer Care Moments

There are so many touch points in the life of a lease vehicle for both fleet manager and driver, from invoicing and management reporting to vehicle handovers and onboarding, that Business Lease has categorized 17 Customer Care Moments. We carry out customer satisfaction surveys to measure our performance in each of these 17 moments, and we share the results honestly with our clients, identifying what is working well and where we are investing to improve our service. Our objective is to eradicate your problems.

This is why we feel it is vitally important to include a significant weighting for customer service in your tender appraisals. The savings that arise from expert advice on selecting the right vehicle, funding it in the optimum way, managing it to maximum efficiency, enjoying the flexibility to adapt a contract to meet your needs, and receiving the management information you want, when you want it and in the format that you want it, make a far greater difference to the true total cost of ownership of running a fleet than simply counting euros and cents.

To find out what excellent service really looks like, contact Business Lease at or contact Erika Korver via e-mail or phone at / T +31 6 212 60 115.

Car Insurance and new technologies

Insurance and Risk management are not the easiest elements to manage in a fleet’s total cost of ownership. It can be challenging for fleet managers to develop a strategic view on their insurance portfolio and on the risks their drivers face or indeed the risks they may already have insurance for.

Account managers at Business Lease have noticed that fleet managers often do not have an overview of their claims history. Nevertheless, claims data analysis can often reveal particular types of accidents that occur more often than others. For instance, a high frequency of damage to front bumpers, can be countered by adding parking sensors to a car policy’s standard equipment. In turn, this could lead to lower premiums.

Autonomous Emergency Braking

Technological developments enable fleet operators to analyse their insurance needs in great detail. Research in the United States, the UK and Germany all indicate that Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) like Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) reduce the crash incidence by 30%, making it worthwhile to invest in fleets that are equipped with these systems. Modern cars are often pre-equipped with ADAS but retrofit options are available for older vehicles, too, offered by companies like Mobileye.

As an additional bonus, as a driver’s behavior improves, the vehicle’s maintenance and repair bills go down. Drivers who record more than one incident of harsh cornering per 100km, for instance, experience much greater tire wear, which can increase tire costs by 73% according to findings of DriveTech.

It can be cost-effective for companies to invest in vehicles with driver assistance systems to renegotiate their insurance premiums. Nevertheless, it is essential for drivers to turn on the safety features their cars are equipped with and it may make sense to add this requirement in the company car policy.

Companies can also increase the deductible they hold their drivers liable for, but such measures can be controversial from a human resources point of view.

Double coverage

Another important step is to have a full view of all insurance policies a company has obtained. If theft of objects from a car is already covered by a company-wide policy, it can easily be removed from insurance policies associated with leased cars.

Understanding your claims history can help companies keep their TCO down and it can help define a car policy. Indeed, companies looking for ways to optimize their TCO should also have a view on their insurance needs. And this is something their fleet management or leasing company can offer assistance with.

Summary to improve your management on fleet insurance:

  • Know your claims history
  • Monitor your drivers’ behavior
  • Check for double Insurance coverage
  • Update your car policy to be ready for new technology
  • Set up a meeting with Business Lease what insurance coverage is needed