Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises deserve a customized international approach

Small to Medium-sized international enterprises have their own set of expectations and challenges in managing fleets. For an SME, managing a fleet in two or more countries requires a different approach from a fleet in just one country. At Business Lease, they understand that.

“No matter the fleet size, our quality of service is just the same.”

SMEs are sizeable enough to require a professional international approach but small enough that they may slip through the net of leasing companies that cater mainly for large international fleets. But not for Business Lease.

Driver Service Desk

In most cases, SMEs have a strong focus on their core business with less resources available for indirect procurement like fleet management. This makes a close, personal bond with the international leasing company all the more important. Business Lease can really add value in this respect, for example; Driver Service Desks in all markets that can assist clients in anything vehicle related, whether it be a fuel card that’s not working, mileage for a vehicle that’s getting out of hand, an accident or anything else. The Driver Service Desks can always be contacted in the local language or in English.

Policies and processes

But managing a fleet starts with policies and processes. Business Lease International has its own team of experts to assist SMEs, or indeed bigger companies, write and implement policies. On average, SMEs have a stronger mandate to introduce a single leasing company and a single policy across all markets, but it is vital to hit the right level of detail without getting overly specific.

This is where the experience and expertise of Business Lease can really shine: we understand the needs of SMEs and we understand that they look not only at added value in terms of financials but also in terms of flexibility and solutions that may deviate from the default.

Dealer discounts & customized solutions

Multinational companies with large fleets negotiate OEM discounts at the European level, but SMEs don’t have the scale to make that possible. With Business Lease, SMEs get access to our preferred dealer network, bringing within reach discounts and conditions that would generally not apply to a fleet their size. At the same time, the fleet of Business Lease pre-lease cars can come in handy while fleets are waiting for the cars they ordered.

When every fleet has its own requirements, it is increasingly more challenging to find the right powertrain for the practical usage of the vehicle. Personal advice is key to support the fleet manager and the driver to determine the right vehicle. You deserve the support you need, no matter your fleet size.

Business Lease understands the fleet needs of small to medium-sized enterprises and takes them seriously. Find out more on our website or get in touch with one of our International team members for more information:

Add rental cars, add flexibility

Rental cars are an indispensable element in most fleets. Whether short-term or mid-term, they give companies the added flexibility that is often needed for smooth operations.

A car is still a favorable way of transportation and in spite of rumors to the contrary, a recent survey shows that even millennials are still keen on having or using a car. Indeed, 90% of the polled millennials in the UK, France, Germany and Italy have their own car or think they will have one within the next five years (Millennials and Auto Trends Report, 2019).

For the typical company, this means investing in a two-tier fleet. In the center, they have a fixed car fleet core that is predictable and easy to manage. These cars, often driven by the service team, by management and by the sales force, can be ordered through operational leasing, with all the operational benefits that entails.

Flexible fleet

In many cases, though, companies also have a second tier of vehicles around the core fleet. These vehicles are required to be more flexible, as opposed to the cars in the core. Consultants on short- or mid-term missions and new employees waiting for their lease car to arrive are only two of the cases for which companies need a different way to manage vehicles. Some drivers may also want to drive another car for their summer or winter holidays.

That’s why Business Lease has a fleet of rental cars for short- and mid-term usage, that are available for a week but also for a month, half a year or even longer.

If you have rental cars in your fleet, you will need additional services that require dedicated expertise. Business Lease can offer you the added value you’re looking for by:

  • Providing cars
  • Ensuring delivery and logistics wherever your company is located or the car is needed
  • Offering expertise so your fleet policy or car regulations always correspond to your current needs and expectations
  • Giving support to drivers

By combining traditional operational lease with short-term fleet availability, your company can offer its workforce the diversified mobility services they have come to expect and rely on.

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