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Wed 16 Mar

First test of self-driving car on European public road

The first test drive, involving 50 semi-autonomous cars in rows of six being allowed to determine speed and distance from one another on the A2 in The Netherlands, is complete. In Europe semi-autonomous cars have never driven on a public road in normal traffic. The test is an initiative of insurer and risk consultancy firm Aon, Business Lease Nederland, Royal HaskoningDHV and Prodrive Training. Read More

Wed 17 Feb

Trial on motorway with self-driving cars in The Netherlands

Next month about 50 self-driving cars will be tested on the A2 motorway between Amsterdam and Utrecht. The cars are highly autonomous vehicles with boasting technologies like Adaptive Cruise Control (automatically adjusting vehicle speed to maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead) and Lane Keeping (automatically adjusting steering to stay within a traffic lane). Read More

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