Passion for Mobility

Your International journey starts here

Passion drives dedication. We at Business Lease International, as a family owned business, are dedicated to maintain a long term relationship with our International clients. Our goal is your continuity and to bring you cost-efficient, client-oriented innovative solutions.

Some facts

  • As part of the AutoBinck Group we’re one of the 20 largest mobility groups in Europe. And we’re growing fast.

  • We operate in 5 countries in Europe. We work together with smart mobility partners all over the world.

  • Since 1989 we supplied companies and individuals with the best mobility solutions. Sustainable and gutsy.

  • We’re passionate about creating personalized innovative products & services to meet every mobility need.


Our focus is to provide our clients with solutions that fit their mobility needs best. There is a spot where all our great ideas come together, this place we call the Business Lease Innovation Lab. At our Innovation Lab a dedicated team is continuously working on designing, testing and implementing new solutions in a lean and agile way. We have a focus to provide you with the best mobility solutions that fits your needs as best as possible.

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