Passion for Mobility


Imagine yourself waking up in your smart, connected bedroom. Your smart screen tells you that your children will be picked up by an autonomous carpool vehicle for school (breakfast served on board) and you’re expected at a presentation at 8 AM. You consider the suggestions on your mobile app: electric bike, solar bus, your shared semi-automated car, the electric taxi? Think about it. But don’t think too long. The future of seamless intermodel transportation won’t wait. So get on board. We’d be happy to come with you.

Some facts

  • As part of the AutoBinck Group we’re one of the 20 largest mobility groups in Europe. And we’re growing fast.

  • We operate in 6 countries in Europe. We work together with smart mobility partners all over the world.

  • Since 1989 we supplied companies and individuals with the best mobility solutions. Sustainable and gutsy.

  • We’re passionate about creating personalized innovative products & services to meet every mobility need.


Corporate Social Responsibility is part of our overall strategy. Together with you we like to involve all aspects of mobility in our effort to reduce your and our ecological footprint. And at the same time drive down costs. As a family business we’re in it for the long run!


Our focus is to provide our clients with solutions that fit their mobility needs best. There is a place where all our great ideas come together, this place we call the Business Lease Innovation Lab. At our Innovation Lab a dedicated team is continuously working on designing, testing and implementing new solutions in a lean and agile way. We have a focus to provide you with the best mobility solutions that fits your needs as best as possible.

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