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Identifying your mobility needs and finding the right solution for you – that’s our passion! We offer a whole range of solutions. Such as (full) operational lease, car fleet management, fuel management, rent, financial lease, private lease, e-bike lease, electric car lease, kilometer lease, car sharing, telematics solutions, mobility card, etc.

Our solutions

  • Lease
  • Smart Solutions
  • Rent
  • Consultancy

Full Operational Lease


Driving without any worries. Finance, maintenance, insurance: we take care of it all. We carry the residual value risk and take legal ownership of your car.

  • You know exactly what the costs for your car will be in the coming years
  • The complete comfort of our full service
  • The car will be on our balance sheet, not yours



The Business Lease Fleet Management Program will save you time and money. At the same time, it will give your drivers the benefit of total care. We’ll manage your fleet as if it was ours and reduce your costs. We’ll not only share our know-how with you, but our discounts too.

  • You own the cars
  • You get total care
  • Our discount is your discount


Private Lease means problem-free driving. Simple, hassle free and inexpensive. You drive a brand new car for a fixed monthly fee. You know where you stand.

  • Simple, easy and honest conditions
  • All costs are included
  • No high monthly costs
  • All you need to do is refuel

Could electric driving be a solution for your company? You’ll know for sure after our EV scan. We’ll support you with an EV roadmap. Together we’ll develop an efficient mobility policy to make sure you get the best out of the various possibilities.

  • Low fuel costs
  • Fewer CO2 emissions
  • Easy to complete with other mobility possibilities
Do the EV QuickScan or contact one of our colleagues for the EV DeepScan and have a full diagnostic run of your fleet.  



Our in-car technology enables us to provide you with advanced data safety, maintenance and mileage. It predicts motor defects before they even occur. We call it Connected Care. It improves safety conditions and reduces costs.

  • Increased driver safety
  • Fewer costs
  • Reduction of fuel and CO2 emissions



We’d love to help you achieve your company’s goals. Whether it’s lease or rent. Enjoy the benefits of one-stop shopping: less work and more cost-effectiveness. Enjoy the flexible contracts and the optimal service. With the comfort of one contact, one invoice. Less hassle, more savings.

  • One-stop shopping
  • Maximum flexibility
  • One contact, one invoice



A completely new ecosystem of transportation awaits you. What’s the best way for you to handle this exciting future? We’re here to listen to your wishes and show you all the new ways to organize your company’s mobility, with new sustainability rules and possibilities, with new tax regimes. Of course, we’ll focus on the entire cost of ownership. And never lose sight of your employees’ satisfaction.

  • All-round knowledge
  • Reduced costs
  • Honest advice


More info
Are you reporting according the IFRS standard? As per January 2019 these rules will change. Business Lease offers you;
  • Fully trained account managers about the consequences for your fleet IFRS16
  • A detailed Power Point Presentation and video
  • A Frequently Asked Questions document


More info
WLTP is a new protocol to measure vehicles fuel consumption, CO2 and pollutant emissions:
  • The procedure was developed by UNECE to replace the current “New European Driving Cycle” (NEDC)
  • One of the main objectives of the WLTP procedure is to better align the test results with realistic vehicle usage



A young car at a very competitive price for a short time: the ideal solution for contemporary labor contracts. Our varied fleet of young cars has something for everyone.

  • Immediately available
  • Basically new cars
  • Short lease period
  • Flexibility

Smart mobility Card

Our Small Mobility Card gives you access to all types of mobility with one card. Perfect for business and private use alike.
  • All financial settlements, administration and reporting are taken care of
  • Independent mobility offer
  • Expense statements and loose receipts a thing of the past
  • Save money and travel costs as a result!

Total Cost of Ownership 


Total Cost of Ownership scan is a tool that enables you to track all relevant costs effortlessly.

  • Mobility costs are often among an organization’s top 5 cost items. Insight is key.
  • Get more grip and understanding of it so you can tweak it to your needs.
  • Insights are key!

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